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At PR with Perkes it's my aim to help you pack a punch with your PR, whether you're doing it yourself or letting me do it for you. PR is an essential part of any communications strategy but it's the one part of the pie that brands tend to ignore, focussing their attention mainly on digital and social media for their hits and customer interactivity.

There's still a lot of power in print and a huge number of influencers who can make or break your brand using the written word.

I've cut my teeth in the fast-paced world of PR and despite the advent of digital marketing there's no signs of the PR world slowing down. And let's face it, there's no bigger compliment than someone with the power of influence raving about your product, including you in a trends piece and generally shouting about your brand in print AND online.

2019 is the year of communication. Can you afford to be left behind?

Check out my services below to see how PR with Perkes can help you get more people talking about your brand and paying money into your hand.






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Ordinary things don't happen to extraordinary people.
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8 moves to media magic

Working with Perkes:
Eight Moves to Media Magic


When you work with PR with Perkes you'll experience a tried-and-tested signature system that takes you through eight moves to media magic; Conversation, Connection, Campaign creation, Concocting key messages, Conjuring press materials, Content creation, Campaign comes to life and Continuum.


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No BS:


If you've ever outsourced your PR before then you may have experienced an agency that promises the moon on a stick but leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when they don't deliver what they promise. OR their over-inflated prices left you feeing backed against a wall and with no option but to say'yes'. At PR with Perkes I'll only ever create a PR campaign that fits your vision, your budget and is within my capabilities.



Securing press coverage requires you to be persuasive without being too full on. Experience shows that I've found the right balance between getting what you want while providing journalists and influencers with what they need. My power to persuade also comes into play with clients too. It's my job to challenge you and push you in ways that you may not have thought about, or are 100% comfortable with, but awesome things happen right outside your comfort zone. Trust me!




Collaboration is one the the 3Cs that makes up the backbone of my business. Alongside connection and communication it's essential that we work collaboratively, it's the only way to make the most of our relationship; to be open, honest and authentic and get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your PR strategy.



It's not in my interests to give you mediocre. In fact, I won't work with clients unless they're going to make me jump out of bed every morning and give it my best shot. I just can't work in that way. Which is why a discovery call is so important, to ensure that I'm the right fit for you a vice versa. I'm not driven by money, I'm driven by results. And results are what elevates us both forward.

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 Praise for Perkes


    When I approached Laura to help me gain some more coverage for my children’s books she pulled it out of the bag! First we had a very relaxed zoom call where we discussed the best avenues to go down, when I say we I mean Laura! Straight away she knew the best people to contact. In one week I had reviews from all different Mummy bloggers that had road tested my books on their children who then recommended and added me to their Christmas Gift Guide on their website


    Jenny Ford




    Sarah Sibley
    I found the PR workshop really interesting with some great tips on how to approach journalists. Laura was excellent


    Sarah Sibley




    I’ve worked with Laura previously and was really impressed with the results she achieved. We initially worked on a project basis but I was so pleased with her work that I quickly invested in a monthly retainer. Laura really understood my business needs and created a PR campaign that ticked all the right boxes, knowing which titles to target to reach our ideal customer. She helped to raise the profile of the brand which led to more people attending classes and more fitness professionals wanting to become BalletBeFit instructors.


    Rachel Withers




    When Fitness Hub and Crossfit Beowulf was launched we needed to engage an agency that could cope with a large part of the communications mix; marketing, PR and social media. We were impressed with Laura’s experience and attitude and knew that she was the woman for the job! She’s creative, imaginative, takes action and will always lend support in other areas if it enhances the growth strategy of the business.


    Tim Lloyd

    Fitness Hub & CrossFit Beowulf