Sharing your message


Hello! And welcome to PR with Perkes, I'm Laura Perkes and PR is my superpower.


I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners, just like you, to help you use your voice and share your message in the media, because you deserve to be seen and heard; to go from overlooked to fully booked.


I've always found the art of communication fascinating and I'm a lifelong learner. I love connecting with people and deepening relationships with meaningful conversation. When I was younger I always wanted to be a journalist, until I realised that it's a cut-throat, dog-eat-dog industry that I wouldn't enjoy being a part of. Yet my inquisitive nature and ability to spot a news story couldn't be dampened and I simply couldn't ignore my passions completely. So I opted for a career in PR instead. This way I get to use my strengths and skills to get YOU in the media.


In numerology my life path number is a 3 - the communicator - so I'm literally living my life in the way that was intended; using the power of words, communication and self-expression for the good of others. Being in PR was always my destiny, and here I am, showing up to support and guide you.


But don't just take my word for it, here's an overview of my PR career so far:

1. I studied a Public Relations & Media Studies degree at Exeter University

2. As part of my degree I carried out a 3-month work placement at Sainsbury's Head Office in London

3. My first official job was at a PR agency based in Reading, where I worked on an eclectic mix of consumer and business to business clients, including BIC, Beefeater, TGI Friday's and Europcar

4. After 2.5 years working in an agency I took some time out and worked with Thomas Cook as a holiday rep on the beautiful Greek Island, Zakynthos (or Zante)

5. My career as a rep was short lived as I craved the excitement and variety of PR agency life. So after six short months I went back into agency life, this time specialising in health, fitness and wellness. Working with some big named brands such as PowerPlate, Star Trac and WaterRower.

6. Six years later I decided that it was time to set up on my own. The fitness industry is abundant with innovation, yet many start-up businesses couldn't justify the cost of a London PR agency. I wanted to bridge that gap and use my superpowers to support these businesses.

7. In 2019, after getting married and changing my name I really did change my life! I now offer a number of different services to help you to use your voice and share your message to create change in the world. You're here to achieve bigger things, and with me by your side those dreams can be turned into a reality.


It's taken me 15 years so far to hone my craft, to be the best teacher, mentor and connector that I can be, to help you elevate your authority with authenticity and perfectly position your brand in the media.


You're here my darling to create change. What are you waiting for?

Why work with me?


The Perkes of working with me...

  • I am authentic. What you see is what you get.
  • I am bold and brave with your message to get you the results you deserve
  • I am unafraid to ask for your exposure – if you don’t ask you don’t get!
  • I am committed to your brand and your story, coz baby you are worth it!
  • I am credible coz people only do business if they know, like and trust you
  • I am playful and don’t take myself too seriously – life’s way too short to follow all the rules
  • I am honest and keep it real because my passion is to get the best out of you and for you
  • I am adaptable. Working in a cut-through industry teaches you to roll with the punches


I work with people just like you; Inventive, purposeful, passionate, motivated, humble. People who have a desire to share their gift and make an impact in the world. Brands with aspirations and the vision to make things happen.

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Praise for Perkes


  • When I approached Laura to help me gain some more coverage for my children’s books she pulled it out of the bag! First we had a very relaxed zoom call where we discussed the best avenues to go down, when I say we I mean Laura! Straight away she knew the best people to contact. In one week I had reviews from all different Mummy bloggers that had road tested my books on their children who then recommended and added me to their Christmas Gift Guide on their website.


    Jenny Ford


  • I’ve worked with Laura previously and was really impressed with the results she achieved. We initially worked on a project basis but I was so pleased with her work that I quickly invested in a monthly retainer. Laura really understood my business needs and created a PR campaign that ticked all the right boxes, knowing which titles to target to reach our ideal customer. She helped to raise the profile of the brand which led to more people attending classes and more fitness professionals wanting to become BalletBeFit instructors.


    Rachel Withers


  • When Fitness Hub and Crossfit Beowulf was launched we needed to engage an agency that could cope with a laege part of the communications mix; marketing, PR and social media. We were impressed with Laura’s experience and attitude and knew that she was the woman for the job! She’s creative, imaginative, takes action and will always lend support in other areas if it enhances the growth strategy of the business.


    Tim Lloyd

    Fitness Hub
    & CrossFit Beowulf


Your side of the bargain


I don’t have a crystal ball but I do create PR magic. I haven’t got an Ab-Fab style fridge full of Bolly, but I do like to celebrate successes with my clients because this isn’t easy work. You’ve created a product or service that we’re both passionate about, and that’s where you’ll get the best out of me, because I resonate with you and genuinely care. However, you need to trust the process and the journey and you need to understand that it won’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort and hard work and not every door I knock on will open immediately.

You also need to be ready to be elevated into the spotlight. ‘But how do I know if I’m ready’ I hear you cry. Well, to be honest, I don’t think you ever are. SO, if you’re reading this and the idea scares and excites you in equal measure then NOW is definitely the time!

If you trust the process and enjoy the journey then we’re in for a very exciting, business boosting ride.


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