I have a confession to make...


When I'm not spending time perfecting my PR superpowers and providing a personal consultant experience to my clients, I'm indulging in my favourite past-time.


Binge-watching reality TV!


But before you judge me, hear me out, because there really are business lessons we can all learn from, even reality TV! This particular blog post was inspired by the rather fabulous and addictive 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here'.


Here are the valuable business lessons I learnt:



There’s no denying that when you have a team around you, you feel like you can take on the world. There’s no better feeling than knowing that someone always has your back. Or knowing that you have a circle of people who you can bounce ideas off, who can help you make your idea even better or even be brutally honest when necessary.

If you’re a solopreneur, a freelancer or someone who works a lot on your own then you’ll know the struggles that you often face.


No one to talk to about your latest idea, no one to discuss last night’s episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians with, or no one to enjoy a lovely lunch with.


So the need for a network or tribe of other like-minded people is paramount to keeping you sane. My three French Bulldogs are great company (when they're not driving me mental!) but they don’t always have the answer.

When there are a few of you working together you’re definitely stronger as individuals. Coz it’s also acceptable not to know everything. Don’t learn that the hard way. ALWAYS ask for help.




OK, so there’s no real link to ‘work’ here, but the premise can be used for almost anything in life. If you think it, it’ll happen. In fact, there’s a great quote that I saw today that I’ve seen before that perfectly sums up the power of the mind.

“If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”.

Pretty profound, huh?

Let’s look at the celebrities on the show as an example.


They’re celebrities, they’re used to the life of luxury, they can pick and choose what they do determined by who they are and what they do.


They don’t want to be buried alive in a box that dumps creepy crawlies over them at any given opportunity.


They wouldn’t choose to eat Kangaroo anus in the outside world. But hey, needs must (and they are getting paid a shit load of money!).


But they do it because the need to succeed is greater than the experience. If they fail at the task they don’t get to eat a decent meal. So the ‘want’ of a good meal gives them the motivation needed to get them through the task.

Your body will very rarely let you down. But your mind will. Because your mind will tell you that you can’t do it.


Your mind will tell you stories to try and distract you from the task ahead, tell you that you’re not good enough so that you give up before giving it a bloody good go. If you have a strong mind game you can conquer anything. Trust me.



No one wants to be buried in a box with creepy crawlies dumped on them at every opportunity. And no one would choose to camp out in a jungle with NO home comforts, no luxuries and no guarantee of a decent meal at the end of it.

But to succeed in the programme you need to face your fears. Not really to help you out, but to make your campmate's experience that little bit nicer. And as human beings we’re taught to please others. We feed off of that warm fuzzy feeling we get when we please someone else.

So while we may fear creepy crawlies, or crocodiles or anything else beginning with the letter C, we feel that fear and turn it into determination to succeed. Because overcoming that fear comes with rewards. And we all love rewards, right?



Campmates in the jungle teach us a HUGE lesson on a weekly basis. That it doesn’t matter if you fail at a task if you gave it your all. We can’t win at everything, but if you try as hard as you can then no-one can expect any more from you.

And they all trust that those doing the task tried as hard as they could because they know what the consequences are. The celebrities aren’t grilled as soon as they get back to camp to gauge how hard they may or may not have tried. The other celebrities may be annoyed that they’re not getting a decent meal, but they’re at least getting something to eat.

So next time you’re faced with a tricky situation, just give it a try, because as long as you give it your best, then that’s all that you can do.

In conclusion, there’s loads that you can learn from watching ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ it's simply a matter of turning trash TV into a business treasure!

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