Has anyone ever told you that before? That any objection towards taking the leap in your business is never about the money?


It’s quite a bitter pill to swallow and it can be really hard to hear it, receive it and process it. Because once you’ve heard it you have to take a good hard look at yourself and figure out what’s really going on.


If it’s never about the money, then what is it about?



It comes down to two things; the person who you’re speaking to either doesn’t value what you’re offering or believe that you can deliver what you promise OR they don’t value their own offer and don’t believe that they can deliver what they promise.


Either way it’s potentially going to create an awkward conversation for one of you.


BUT, the conversation can be eased if you’re entering into the conversation with an open mind and no expectations. Sometimes it’s just not the right fit, the energy between you both is off, it could be that they’re looking for something outside of your skill set, or it could just come down to different personalities, values and beliefs.


I know that I don’t want to work with everyone and neither should you. It’s why you’ll hear me talking about your ideal client all the time. It’s why business coaches and branding experts will talk about your ideal client all the time. Because you need to know who they are and what they resonate with so that you know where they hang out and can then purposefully position your brand in front of them.



When it comes to business no one size fits all. BUT, there are steps and processes that all business will go through, especially when they’re on the cusp of a breakthrough.


But breakthroughs are scary, right? I lived through it last year when I made the decision to re-brand my business after four years of building it and then watching it slowly slip away. With breakthrough’s you never know if you’re going to win or lose, succeed or fail, so our brain kicks in and tries to protect us by stopping us from taking a giant leap of faith.



I had a conversation with a business coach a few months ago and when I made a comment that people don’t want to make a decision due to fear of failure she told me that actually people are scared of success. That sentence blew my mind!


Why would business owners be scared of success? Surely that’s the reason why we run a business, to be successful? But, like with everything in life, you can’t make assumptions based on your own values, beliefs and expectations.


Which brings us back to the point above, money is only ever used as a reason why NOT to buy or invest if a) the person doesn’t believe in you, or b) they don’t believe in themselves.


The more I think about it the more I’m starting to understand this mentality.


I’ve had conversations with business owners who are interested in PR, but haven’t wanted to put themselves ‘out there’ because they don’t want to be bombarded with sales orders and not be able to cope with demand.


Equally I’ve had people shy away from PR because they don’t want journalists to start digging around and unveiling skeletons in the closet.


In both of these instances it was the ‘what if’ that got in the way of them taking the leap to saying yes to more exposure. To being seen by more of their ideal clients and customers. And I get it. The unknown is a scary place. We don’t know what’s going to happen there because we’ve never been there. So it’s much easier to stay in our warm and cosy comfort zone as we know what to expect.


But you know that exciting stuff happens outside of your comfort zone, right? That if you don’t take the leap of faith you’ll never know? And that if it doesn’t work out the way you planned you can still go back to what you’re familiar with?




As a business owner this is one of the biggest lessons that I’ve learnt. That if you don’t try you never know. And that you never fail, you always learn.


I’ve made decisions this year that didn’t turn out to be the best ones I’ve ever made. But has each experience taught me something? You betcha! It may have been an expensive lesson, but it was a lesson nonetheless that I wouldn’t have learnt from and grown from had I not taken the leap of faith.


Usually, when we’re presented with an opportunity that could take us to new places at an entirely different level to what we’re used to then fear is most certainly a factor. But think about WHY you’ve set up a business, remember what your goals are and what you need to do to achieve them.


Breakthroughs in business aren’t comfortable. Up-levelling in your business is never easy. But if you don’t grow you die. If you use the same methods you’ve always used, then you’ll get the results you’ve always got. It’s an absolute cliché but its true; nothing changes unless you do.



If your car broke down or your dog suddenly got ill you’d find the money needed to pay to get the car fixed or treatment for the dog, wouldn’t you? So if you need to spend money on your business for it to grow and get better and deliver what you want it to, why wouldn’t you invest?


You see, it’s never about the money, not really, it’s just the easiest barrier to use as to why you can’t move forward, or why you can’t make that leap of faith. It’s not money holding you back it’s you.


So next time you’re on the verge of making a decision, ask yourself what’s really holding you back. And next time you’re on a call with a prospective client and they say no because of the money, ask them if it’s because they don’t value what you’re offering on don’t value what they’re offering themselves.


Because it’s never about the money.

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