During this five-part blog series I’m going to be exploring some of the beliefs that people have around PR, looking into where that belief has come from and then of course, setting the facts straight.


In this blog I’ll be exploring myth #1: PR is hard.


Before we go down that road, I’d like you to answer the following questions:

1. If something is hard should you avoid it?

2. If something is hard does it mean that it can’t be done?

3. If something is hard to you get a greater reward for getting it done?


I truly believe that if everything was easy then we’d get bored. I mean, where’s the fun in being handed everything to you on a plate? What would you learn if you could already do everything you needed to do?


Life is for living, which means that we’re always going to meet polarities. You can’t have night without day, sunshine without rain, healing without pain, ease without hardship.


We always have a choice.


We’re in control of the decisions that we make.


So yes, we can take the hard option, but we also have the choice to take the easy option.


But then how do we know if something is easy or hard if we haven’t experienced it? The next logical option is to seek answers from people who have. But then what if their understanding of hard or easy is different from yours?


For me, running a marathon would be hard, but for someone who loves to run and trains every day to enhance their skill and performance, running a marathon would not be hard.


I personally love throwing weights around in the gym and doing big compound movements with a barbell.


Would I say that it’s easy? No! But I enjoy it and I’m good at it so it drives me to want to get better at it.




With that in mind, maybe nothing is ever hard or easy, we simply enjoy it or we don’t. If we enjoy it then we naturally want to do more of it. If it’s hard then we either pledge to work on it to make ourselves better, or we choose to leave it to those who do love it.


Going back to the point of the blog, I now want to start to demystify this belief that PR is hard. Because anything will be hard if you choose it to be.




From experience, the people who say that PR is hard have maybe dipped their toe in the water and not been successful, therefore have made the assumption that PR is hard. And I get it, there are many things that I stop doing because it hasn’t worked out on the first attempt.


But who can honestly put their hand on their heart and say that they perfected something the very first time that they did it?


OR, worse than that, they know someone who dipped their toe in the water but wasn’t successful on their first attempt and they told them that PR is hard. And if they’ve said it then it must be true!




As with most things, as soon as you know the steps to take, or have a formula to follow you stand a better chance at getting results than if you are doing it with no instructions.


It’s a bit like baking a cake.


You can have all the utensils and ingredients in front of you, but unless you have a recipe to follow you have no idea what quantities to use, what temperature to set the oven at, or even how long to bake the cake for.


It may be that you decide to give it a go, based on your experience of baking in general, or by trusting your instinct, but nine times out of 10 you’re not going to get the results you set out to achieve.


The same can be said about PR and getting in the media.


Sure, you can give it a go based on the limited knowledge that you have, but if you’re given access to a formula that has been proven to work then you’re more likely to be impressed with the end result.


Now you just need access to that formula!


If only you knew someone who could provide you with that info……


Well, today could well be your lucky day, as you do know someone who can provide you with the formula that you need to get in the media and get the results you desire. Me laughing


There are a few ways in which you can gain access to the winning formula that I’ve been using to get my VIP clients in the media for the past 16 years


  • Get in the Media online PR course
  • Badass Publicity Queen group training programme (coming soon - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me for more info)
  • World Domination Day - VIP day that focusses on getting you visible AF in 90-days and prepped for world domination
  • Mastering Media Momentum - private 121 mentoring programme




As I mentioned at the start of the blog, we can choose how hard or how easy something is, but if you want it enough you’ll learn how to find a way, otherwise you’ll just find an excuse.


To find out more about how we can work together to raise your profile and build your authority, please do book a PR Discovery Call with me so that I can find out more about you, your business and your desires and I’ll prescribe the best PR approach for you.


UP NEXT: PR Myth #2  No-one wants to know about me 









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