Controversial, hey? But it’s time to drop a #truthbomb. PR is NOT the answer. Well, it’s not the ENTIRE answer. Your PR strategy should only be one piece of the pie. Don’t get me wrong, a slice of PR is exciting and delicious, but if it sits alongside a marketing and social media strategy it’s a lot more tempting and enticing.

Why settle for one small slice when you can devour the entire pie?



A communications strategy should pack a punch and it should continuously keep your brand in the spotlight. A communications strategy should include EVERYTHING you do to talk to and engage with your customers. It should include:

1.    Connecting with journalists, bloggers and influencers via a PR campaign
2.    A marketing plan that outlines all online and offline marketing; a blog, newsletter, social media, advertising, podcast
3.    A social media strategy that delivers on all of the above AND is relevant, consistent and engaging.

It should also include any third party activities you want to create, whether that’s working with an ambassador who can be used in your PR, marketing and social media campaign or working with a like-minded brand to grow your followers while adding value to those who already love and support you.

Confused? Then maybe we should schedule a call so that we can discuss your needs to ensure that 2019 is your best year yet.


You see, EVERYTHING you do needs to feed into everything else. Don’t waste your time on an amazing social media post if it doesn’t relate to your marketing strategy. Or don’t focus solely on PR if you’re not going to do anything with the coverage once it’s published.

PR as a standalone strategy just won’t cut it. Yeah it will get you seen in publications and written about by top journalists, but then what? You’ll have to start from scratch every time you’ve got a new angle or story to pitch and who’s got the time to keep churning stories out and knocking on closed doors?

However, if you incorporate your PR campaign/s into your communications strategy then you can utilise the power of social media to keep the conversation going. Most journalists are on Twitter and are always posting content to keep their followers up to date with what they’re doing, where they’re going, who they’re seeing and what they’re wearing/using/experiencing. This gives YOU the opportunity to interact with them, build up a relationship and get to know THEM.


Share your press wins and tag the journalist in your tweet or on your Insta page so that more eyes land on your brand. Just make sure you make the most of the opportunity and include a call to action so that you’re not sharing something for the sake of it. It HAS to lead the reader somewhere else, preferably to your online shop where they can buy your stuff.

So while PR isn’t the ENTIRE answer, a targeted communications strategy should be your ONLY answer when it comes to promoting your brand to your target audience.

If you’ve got to this point and questioned what planet I’m on, or asked yourself ‘why would a PR specialist tell me that PR isn’t the answer’ then book one of my PR Discovery calls and in 30mins I’ll tell you about the benefits of creating a cracking communications strategy to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck in every piece of comms that comes out of your business.

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