This is a belief that comes up time and time again in conversations, particularly with female entrepreneurs, and it’s something that needs delving into further to understand where that belief has come from and to discuss the truth surrounding it.


BUT, it’s an objection that’s important to address on a surface level AND on a deeper level. I doubt this is the first time that these thoughts have come up and stopped you from moving forward in business and in life.


As a personal PR Consultant, it’s my responsibility to address this objection in relation to getting in the media, although I do know some incredible coaches you can work with if you would benefit from delving deeper into belief work.


For now though, let’s focus our attention on this belief in relation to PR and getting in the media.


More often than not, this objection comes up because you’re about to step out of your comfort zone, and as human beings, our initial reaction is to protect ourselves from any kind of change/hurt/embarrassment.



My own experience


From my own experience, these thoughts surface when we’re on the brink of a breakthrough. When we know that what we truly want is on the other side, it’s within arms reach if we just reach out and grasp it with both hands.


But something holds us back. It could be fear of the unknown, doubts that it can work, doubts in our own ability and everything in-between.


What I do know is this…..


EVERYONE has a story to share that can impact, inspire and influence at least one other person.


The story just isn’t always obvious.


Sometimes it takes time to come to the surface as it’s buried deep down and needs excavating. Sometimes we’re so focussed on doing the work that we almost gloss over what has happened previously, or we simply don’t give ourselves the space to go within and look at what we have experienced that we can teach others.


I also know this:


You set up your business for a reason, and that reason is part of your story. It could be that:

  • You were made redundant and decided to turn your passion into a business.
  • Full time employment no longer offered the flexibility you needed once you started a family
  • You’ve always been destined to make a bigger impact in the world.


All of these are ‘news hooks’ that you can use to share your story in the media. All of them are very real situations that a lot of other people will relate to, and will be inspired by your story. It will give them hope that they too can make the transition into self-employment.


There’s something else I’m also pretty certain of:


You started your business out of a need that you had.


It could be that :

  • You didn’t get the support you needed when you had your first baby
  • You managed to change the way you think after practising meditation and journaling.
  • You managed to drop a dress size by making one simple tweak that was easy to follow every single day.


Again, these are all ‘news hooks’ that you can use to share your story in the media.




As humans we are very curious beings, we love to learn and sharing stories is something we’ve been taught to do from a very young age.


We’re inquisitive and, on the most part, aspire to do better every day. We look to our peers for approval, we discuss issues and challenges with friends and loved ones, to help make sense of certain situations.


This is no different when you’re seen in the media.


You’re simply casting the net wider is terms of gaining knowledge and learning from others.


Friends and family haven’t always experienced what you’re going through, so while they can be supported and offer advice, it’s not always on the depth that you need. Then you being to search outwards.


You may join online forums, you may join specific Facebook groups, or you may find articles that have been published on blogs or online lifestyle titles.


You may even find podcasts dedicated entirely to the situation you’re researching, or want to learn more about.


All of a sudden, you’re catapulted into a whole new world.


You’re invited to learn and share. And it feels good. You feel like you’ve found your tribe of likeminded people. You build a community with others who have been where you are and start to build relationships.


Make that commitment to shine a light


It’s exactly the same as when you get in the media.


You make that commitment to share your story on a bigger scale, to help inspire, impact and influence others.


You shine a light for them and invite them to follow you and learn from your journey and your experiences.


And it’s really powerful stuff.


When you get in the media you’re automatically seen by a greater number of people. You’re automatically seen as an expert and someone who can be trusted. You elevate yourself to the next level, even if it’s on a subconscious level by the reader/listener.


To most people, if you’re in a magazine or invited to speak on a podcast, radio show or TV programme then you must be someone important. Someone to stop and listen to and learn from.


That level of authority is priceless.


But to get to that level you must first believe that you have a story to share.


You must understand that there are hundreds, thousands, even millions of people out there who need to hear what you have to say.


All it takes is for one person to listen and decide to take action, to make you believe that you are an expert, that you are powerful and magnetic to the people who need what you offer.


Not everyone is ready to open up and share their experiences in the media.


It can certainly make you feel vulnerable, but that’s usually where the magic happens, when you decide to turn your mess into your message, to be able to help even more people out of the situation they find themselves in.




So, if you keep telling yourself that no one will want to hear about little old you, think again.


There are many people who need to hear from someone like you, to show that there is a way out of whatever they’re experiencing, that it is possible to break through the situation and come out on the other side.


Spend some time thinking about the ways in which you can share your story to empower others to make a change. Then think about the media outlets you could approach with regards to sharing your story.


And if you feel like you need additional help, or support, or someone to talk through your ideas, get absolute clarity on your message or your offer and help you create a plan, then why not book a PR Power Hour that will help you to get focussed and get the clarity you need to move forward?


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