Before I roll my sleeves up and get stuck into this myth, it’s worth addressing the elephant in the room.


I don’t actually know what is classified as expensive.


And I don’t mean that in a ‘rich bitch’, blasé kinda way, but we all have different perspectives when it comes to money and what we feel is expensive.


My expensive could be £20k whereas your expensive could be £2k.


From my experience, it’s very rarely about the expense, but about the perceived value you’re going to get from the investment.


And this is where us PR Consultants can come unstuck.



Because PR is really hard to measure in terms of ROI.



I mean, how you can measure reputation?


How can you measure the impact that you’re having on those you’re speaking to?


How can you measure profile building and visibility?


With social media it’s a lot easier because you can see how many people like your posts or comment on them. Although even that isn’t a true reflection on the impact you’ve had, as not everyone will react or comment, even If they’ve been touched in some way by what you’re posting.


And the effect of publicity isn’t always immediate.


Digital content is available forever.


Magazines can be lying around the dentist, the doctor’s surgery or the hairdressers for months. An article that was published in January can be just as impactful when it’s picked up in April.



You catch my drift……



Going back to the myth that PR is expensive; it can be, depending on who you choose to work with.


If you hire a big agency, the chances are you’ll be charged more money, because you’re paying for their reputation, the results they deliver and the level of expertise in the team.


And then of course there are the costs it takes to run the agency; their rent, bills, access to databases etc.


If you work with a freelancer or a personal PR consultant like me, then the prices will reflect that.


However, don’t expect the fee to be cheaper just because you’re working with a solo business owner.


I have 16 years industry experience and a degree in Public Relations under my belt. That still comes with a cost attached to it.



I come with a history of working with some big named brands.



I come with a history of results, securing media coverage in all major news outlets in the UK and have secured guests on global podcasts.


That all comes at a price. And that price may be too expensive for you. Which is why I’ve created a suite of services for you to choose from, so that you can learn from me in a way that works for your budget.


So yes, PR can be expensive, depending on who you work with and what you want to achieve.


As the saying goes, ‘You buy cheap, you buy twice’.



Let me give you some advice....


If you are going to outsource your PR, then work with the person or the agency who you feel like you've got a really strong connection with.


The more connected you feel to someone, the more you can trust them.


The more you understand them, the more open and honest you can be with them.


And I truly believe that you don't always get a connection when you work with an agency, because their main priority is to swap time for money.


What you actually want is results.


Now, the other misconception with PR is that all PR is good PR and I don't necessarily believe that.



I believe that the magic happens when you are speaking to your ideal client.



When you know who you're serving, when you know who you can help, then it’s a case of finding out where they hang out.


And when I say hang out, I don't mean like what street corner they're on or which shops they go into.


What we want to do is understand what media they're consuming:

  • What magazines do they read?
  • What TV programmes do they watch?
  • Which podcasts do they listen to?


Once you have this information, a bespoke PR campaign can be created that makes sure that you're speaking to your ideal clients through the media outlets they’re actually consuming.



If we go back to the myth that PR is expensive, yes, it can be.



But it depends who you work with. It depends what kind of experience you're going to get.


Because this is what we invest in, don't we? We don't necessarily just want results, we want to build relationships, we want to feel heard, we want to be seen, we want to deliver our message.


When you decide to outsource your PR, really go within yourself and ask yourself what you truly want.


Then you can gauge whether or not what you’ve been quoted is expensive or not.



Now it is time for a #truthbomb.



Most PR consultants or agencies will have a minimum day rate. Typically, this will be around £400+ for a consultant and it could run up into the thousands if you are working with a big city agency.


Most bespoke PR campaigns are based around 3-4 days of work per month for a minimum of six months.


If you’re looking for results, genuine results that are going to see you sharing your message in the media, get you seen by more of your ideal clients in more places, lead to more enquiries, more sales and more money, then it’s worth the investment, right?


And that’s exactly what PR is, it’s an investment to help you build your profile, be seen as a trusted authority and enhance your reputation.


The media gives you a bigger platform to share your gifts, your expertise and the incredible results you deliver for your clients.


The only other way to get this kind of publicity is to pay for advertising, and trust me, that really is expensive.


To put it into context, a full-page advert in YOU magazine (the magazine that comes with The Mail on Sunday) is £30,000.


A 30-second advert on ITV between Lorraine and This Morning is £4,000 each time it’s aired.



Compared to these figures, if you think that PR is expensive, then think again!



In reality, it’s a bloody cinch compared to advertising! Especially when PR is considered to be 3x more effective than an advert.


If you are looking to outsource your PR, bear in mind how much the agency or the consultant has invested in getting to where they are today.


Take a look at their body of work and read their testimonials.


Or, it may be that you’re happy to work with someone you’ve been following on social media for a while.


You've seen them showing up. You love what they do you love your energy and you just know that they are going to get you to where you want to go.


And that is also absolutely fine.


I have bought programmes from coaches who I've followed on social media but never actually met, because my belief in them and the result they can deliver was so strong.


And it's always good to speak to a few different people and see what they can offer. See what their prices are and again, go with your gut because your head will get you in trouble.



If there's one thing I've learned over the years is that when it comes to investing, your intuition and your gut is very rarely wrong.


If you’ve been reading this blog and you’re considering outsourcing your PR and feel that we would be a great fit for each other, then why not book in a free PR Discovery Call, to discover if that instinct is correct.


If you’re not yet at the level to outsource your PR, but would love to learn how to secure your own publicity then check out www.prwithperkes.com where you’ll see all the consultancy services I currently offer.


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