Wherever you are in your business journey, whether you’re sitting on an idea, have recently launched or have been established for a few years, there’s ONE thing all businesses need to be super clear on – your customer avatar.

It’s not enough to say that everyone is your ideal client. If you speak to everyone you speak to no-one. You HAVE to have a certain client or customer in mind.



If you’re reading this and wondering why, then let me tell you. You simply cannot target everyone, it’s not possible. If you target everyone, how do you know:

  • where your customer avatar hangs out
  • what language they respond to
  • what they read, watch, listen to
  • who they’re influenced by

This info is VITAL for the success and longevity of your business. Not just for a PR campaign but for everything that you do, from your social media posts down to the images you choose in newsletters, blog posts and printed marketing materials.



It’s a good question. And with a little bit of research it should be easy to find out.

If you’ve only just created an idea, or only recently launched then ask yourself this – WHO have you created your product/service for? Is it men, women, teenagers or children? Is it women within a certain age bracket? Is it men at a certain stage in their life?

Then ask yourself – WHAT is the problem that I’m solving? Are you offering women a solution to dealing with the menopause? Are you helping men who have been made redundant? Have you created a cool new educational toy for tots?

Then ask yourself – HOW am I solving their problem? Have you created an online programme that they can join? Have you written a book to share your knowledge and expertise?

Then ask yourself – WHY have you chosen to create this product or service? Was it to share your own personal story? Is it because it doesn’t currently exist? Is it simply because there was a demand that wasn’t being met?

If you’re an established business then you should be able to look at statistics to figure out who your core customer is. Who is buying your stuff? Where do they live? How old are they? What career do they have? What kind of lifestyle to they lead? This information is like a pot of gold, just without having to chase the rainbow to get your hands on it! 




Now that you know WHO your customer avatar is (or who you want them to be) the next step is to figure out where you can find them. And this is where the fun begins!

If your product or service is aimed at women who need support while going through the menopause, it’s probably safe to assume that they’ll be 45+. So where do women aged 45+ look for knowledge and advice? It could be:


  • Women’s weekly magazines, such as Woman, That’s Life and Take a Break
  • Women’s monthly magazines such a Prima, Red and Psychologies
  • TV programmes such as This Morning and Loose Women
  • Radio Shows
  • Blogs
  • Newspapers such as The Daily Mail and The Daily Express

You get the gist.




In order to reach your customer avatar on a wider level then my next piece of advice would be to pitch your idea to the publications you’ve identified as being read by your customer avatar.

BUT, before you freak out, this is a lot easier than you may think. You just need to do your research (again!)

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram to see what they’re talking about and sharing with their followers. Search for them on Google and see what articles they’ve written recently. THEN, when it comes to introducing them to your product or service you can mention something that’s more personal to them. Connection is key when building any relationship. Journalists are no different.




Firstly, you’re not shit, you’re just allowing yourself to believe that you are because you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s unfamiliar territory and you don’t know if this experience will catapult you back to primary school when you felt left out and laughed at.

But here’s the secret. If you KNOW your ideal client. If you know WHAT problem you’re solving. If you know HOW you’re solving it and you know WHY you created it then you’re already half way there.


Once you know WHAT they read and what they respond do, getting a journalist to notice you is pretty easy, because you’re pitching them something that their readers WANT.




If you’re really worried about dealing with the knock-backs, or haven’t got the time to conduct all this research and then create a pitch that will garner the attention it deserves then help is at hand. It’s me ☺

There are several ways in which we can work together, from me empowering you to secure your own press coverage by delving deeper on the above and teaching you some tricks of the trade, to creating a bespoke, done-for-you campaign that is implemented and managed entirely by me.

Why not take a look at my website to see which programme is best aligned to your needs right now www.prwithperkes.com  and then book in for a 30min PR Discovery call.

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