If I was to tell you that you can get in the media by spending 30mins per day building your PR presence, would you believe me?




The notion that PR takes too much time is a belief that’s created by people who haven’t ever tried to get in the media, or have taken a scatter gun approach to getting publicity, so it seems to take too much time because they’re not following a tried and tested process.


In this five-part blog series it’s my intention to burst the BS bubble when it comes to the excuses I hear from entrepreneurs and business owners that STOP them from elevating their expertise and positioning their brand in the media.


It’s time to call BS on myth #3, that PR takes too much time.


What is time? And how can you measure if it’s taking too long or not?


In most instances it’s not that PR takes time, it’s that you’re not making it a priority.


I see it time and time again. We live in a very fast-paced, on-demand society where we want everything now.


But it’s not realistic and it certainly isn’t sustainable.


Social media is a fantastic tool, but it has a lot to answer for when it comes to expectations.


We all post updates on social media so we know that it’s possible to share content in a matter of minutes.


But if you delve a little deeper, that content will remain relevant for as long as it takes someone else to post in their news feed and be positioned above yours.


When you post on social media your post will only be seen by those who happen to be scrolling through their phone at that exact moment, or several moments later.


On social media you’re constantly having to fight for attention


You have to continually post to ensure that you’re being seen. And don’t even get me started on whether you’re being seen by the right people!


Be honest, how much time would you say you spend scrolling on social media each day?


I know from experience that it’s easy to get distracted on social media and pulled down different rabbit holes. All of a sudden, a 5min post has resulted in an hour of time spent getting distracted.


That 60mins of time is prime real estate!


In half of that time you could have focussed on elevating your expertise, cultivating relationships with those with the power to catapult your credibility, and securing publicity for your brand.


But you didn’t. And there’s no shame in the game.


Hell, I do it all the time. But don’t tell yourself that you don’t have time to get in the media when actually you do.


The next thing that comes up when it comes to the amount of time that PR takes, is not knowing what you’re doing.


And again, no shade intended, because we only know what we know, right?


I’ve always been process driven and if I don’t know something then I’ll either ask someone who does or invest in a programme that will teach me.


For the past two years I’ve been following a food plan because it’s easier for me.


I don’t have to think about it, just do it.


Someone else has already worked out how many calories I can eat, they’ve worked out the macronutrient breakdown of each meal to ensure I’m getting enough of what I need to support my goals and they’ve listed the quantities I can eat.


All I need to do is weight it all out and cook it.


For me, that’s way easier than staring in the fridge for 20mins hoping that I’ll be inspired to cook something and just grabbing the first thing in sight because I’m already starving and haven’t got the headspace to create something from nothing.


Getting in the media is exactly the same.


Yes, you can give it a try based on the knowledge that you already have, or by asking your friend who has tried it before, but if you really want to make it as easy as possible then you need access to a process.


A roadmap that will show you which path to navigate.


A torchlight that will illuminate the way and stay with you to guide you forward, to keep you heading in the right direction.


Once you’ve made getting in the media a priority, and realised that you can cut your social media scrolling time in half and follow a process that has already been created, then it all falls in to place and becomes easy.


Repeat this behaviour every day, over and over again and soon you’ll be elevating your expertise with ease. And the more confident you become the quicker you’ll be.


So, if I told you that you only need to spend 30mins a day on elevating your expertise and getting in the media, would you believe me?


Would you want to find out more?


As a female entrepreneur myself, it’s my passion to work with as many fierce female entrepreneurs as possible, because I know the impact that getting in the media can have, not only on your visibility and credibility, but in the number of perfect-fit clients you attract and the income that generates.


As a self-professed process Queen, it would be silly of me not to share with you the 7-step process that I’ve followed for the past 16 years to get my VIP clients in the media.


If you’re curious to find out more, to learn how to utilise 30mins a day to get in the media and gain access to a process that has got results for the past 16 years, then book a PR Discovery Call with me and find out everything you need to know to raise your profile in the press and build your authority.


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