In the immortal words of Freddie Mercury, the show must go on.

That in itself may bring up challenges for those of you who have had to make adjustments to your business in order to keep calm and carry on during the Coronavirus outbreak. My Facebook feed is filled on a daily basis with the very real situation we're facing, and the effect its having, not just on people's health, but their businesses too.

Watching the wedding industry come crashing down is a stark reminder that anything can be taken away from us in a split second. Nothing is guaranteed. Not tomorrow, not next month or even next year.

But in times like this we must do all that's in our power to step up and lead from the front, to serve our tribe, however that may look over the coming weeks.





For me, I lost a client within 72 hours of going into lockdown, so half of my monthly income has gone. And Hayden isn't working as he's a self-employed bricklayer, so for the first time in our lives, we're relying purely on my income until we're entitled to the government grant that *should* be available to us in June.

I've always had a strong belief that money will come to me when I need it, and that opportunities will present themselves at the perfect time. Some people will refer to this as being a natural manifestor, but for me it's just how I am.


It's how I've always been.

Now, this is where some freaky shit has happened, and I wanted to share with you, to show you WHY you need to keep showing up and to INSPIRE you to do the same.

My gift is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to use their voice and share their message to inspire others, by getting them in the media. This always has, and always will be my mantra. My zone of genius. My area of expertise.

But there are things I know I *should* be doing to help the growth of my business, that I ignore time and time again because other stuff comes up. Sound familiar?

Just before we went into total lockdown I had a nudge from Source, telling me that I needed to step up and elevate myself as a leader, to show others how they can do the same. This meant that I needed to show up with intention and purpose.

I made the commitment to myself to go live in my Facebook group every single day and share one top tip on how to elevate yourself as a leader, even during turbulent times.


The chattering monkeys in my head needed to be reassured that everything was fine and that I wouldn't come to any harm, but it was sweet of them to try and protect me. 

They were trying to tell me that no-one would show up, or that I wouldn't be able to go live for more than 2mins before running out of content.


But I had to trust my instinct that this was the right thing to do.

I'd set the intention to show up every day and I was going to see that promise through to the end.

And I did.




Well, guess what? 

People joined me live while others watched it later as a replay.


My tribe were interacting and engaging with me and each live was at least 30mins long. I felt amazing and I was totally buzzing because I was actually helping people.



I was giving them hope and practical tips to follow to get in the media, even during turbulent times.

By the end of the week I'd received a message from someone in my group saying that she'd followed my advice on day two and by the end of the week had been featured in her local newspaper. THAT makes my heart sing and I danced around the living room in celebration for her!

But it wasn't just showing up that made an impact, the aftermath has been pretty epic too.

Since that series of live Facebook videos I've booked more PR Pow-Wow calls than ever before, I'm being invited onto podcasts as a guest and I've even been inspired to go live again every day this week.

You see, when your energy and your vibe is high you open yourself up to new and exciting opportunities.



Now, this is where I'm going to pivot slightly with my message. Instead of focussing on using your voice and sharing your message to inspire others by getting in the media, I want to empower you to do that in Facebook instead.

There are SOOO many people on Facebook and SOOO many people scrolling through Facebook RIGHT NOW; looking for answers, solutions, or something to distract themselves and kill time. If you're going to spend hours scrolling then you may as well utilise that time to get maximum results.

So, you know all those Facebook groups you joined but never had the time to do anything with? Well, now's the time. 

Choose THREE groups to focus on for the next few weeks. Show up EVERY day. Start by engaging with the posts, dropping a like or a love heart. Then start to interact with the person who has written a post, or those who have commented, sharing your tips and expertise, or just to let them know that you love their content! 

Then, and only then, start to post your own content. Start conversations, build relationships and then invite them to experience what you offer.

How great does that feel? To get real-life engagement from people who LOVE what you do and WANT you to be part of their community!




What I've just described above is exactly how it feels when you get in the media.


Now you can take these key skills that you're learning on social media and take them to the next level. Rather than inviting group members to experience what you offer you're inviting hundreds of thousands of readers/listeners/followers instead.

It really is straightforward stuff that you can do yourself.


Simply show up and share your amazing expertise. Because now, more than ever, people need a leader. They need to believe there's hope, they need to feel part of a community and feel like they're making a difference. And YOU can show them that. Right here and right now.

Need help carving a new new niche, or desperately want to share your expertise with the press but feeling overwhelmed with how and where to start?

Then book a PR Power Hour with me.


Within 60mins I'll take you from overwhelmed to taking action, stuck to unstuck, and so inspired that nothing will be able to stop you. Not even Coronavirus!!

You can even gain access to the live series that I shared in my Facebook Group, by becoming part of the community. You too can learn how to elevate yourself as a leader, even during turbulent times. 




It's my aim to support you as much as I can at the moment, to help move you from feeling stuck to unstuck, to move you outta surviving into thriving, however that may look.

Use this time to take advantage of what's available around you, because there are two things for certain:
1. People need you now more than ever
2. This will pass and we'll be stronger than ever 

To your elevated success,
Laura xx

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