I'm not gonna lie, the word 'brand' can be confusing, especially for small businesses who feel that a brand has to be a huge multinational company with loads of money to spend on sexy adverts that appear everywhere.


But then you'd be wrong (#sorrynotsorry). A brand is literally the personality of a business.


Or, as Allan Dib at Successwise says: "It's the first thing you think of, or how you feel when you see the logo or hear its name."


Before I go any further, I want to say that I am NOT a branding expert, nor do I claim to be one, but what I do know is this:


You need to have nailed your brand (or business personality, if you prefer) before you look at PR activity to help get you in the media.




Here are a few reasons:

  • You need to have a brand identity that you can communicate to your ideal clients and those reading/watching/listening to the outlets you want to be positioned in
  • You need to understand what your brand values and beliefs are. If you don't know then how can you expect your ideal clients or customer know?
  • You need to be clear on your message; what is it that you do to help your ideal clients or customers, how you help them and why you help them


But WTF has this got to do with PR and getting in the media?


Well, that's a very good question! Whenever I pitch a client to a journalist i will always include a link to their website. This gives them the opportunity to investigate further and see if the brand is the right fit for their publication and their readers. Of course i'm going to be biased, so this gives the journalist a chance to not just take my word for it.


This means that everything your brand stands for NEEDS to be conveyed on your website. Which, by the way, needs to be pleasing on the eye AND easy to navigate. I doubt they'll be spending hours clicking through every page possible, but let's not forget that first impressions are crucial and journalists can be very judgemental.


As the quote from Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon suggests, "YOUR BRAND IS WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU WHEN YOU'RE NOT IN THE ROOM."


So, your brand isn't simply your logo and the colours you choose to represent your business. Yes, these elements are important, but they simply help to convey what your business is, in a visually pleasing way. It is part of your brand, not the brand in its entirety.


Let's take PR with Perkes as an example:


PR with Perkes is the name of my business. It's run by me, Laura Perkes and I will always be the driving force behind my business.


I have a logo that clearly shows the name of the business. It has been designed to capture the essence of me and give a flavour of who I am and what you can expect from working with me; bold, brave, unafraid, curious, fun. The colours were also chosen to reflect this.


The values of my business are the same as my own values, because the business is about me. You won't necessarily identify my values through my logo alone, but you'll definitely get a better insight when visiting my website, following my social media pages and interacting with me.


When it comes to my beliefs you may need to dig a little deeper, but again, these tend to be conveyed through my website, my social media pages and the blogs that I share with you. These beliefs include:

  • Everyone has the ability to make an impact in the world
  • Self-care is not essential, its a fundamental human right that everyone should practise to enhance their physical and mental health
  • Humans should support other humans, not just women supporting women, we all have the ability to become better people
  • We are all influencers, regardless of how many followers you have on social media or how much engagement your posts get
  • Everyone has a story that's worthy of being shared in the media
  • We all have the ability to become whoever and whatever we want
  • Self-development is one of the most powerful tools we can ever invest in
  • Connection is EVERYTHING!



It's a lot to take in, right? But can you see WHY it's important to nail your branding before you communicate to your ideal clients or customers, whether that's through your website, your social media pages, your blogs, your newsletters and your PR activities?


Your values, your beliefs, your personality, your reason for existing ALL need to resonate with the people you want to attract into your business. So everything you do needs to be about that end user, the people who will be buying into your business to help enhance their lives.


When it comes to getting in the media, your brand not only needs to be the right fit for the journalist or influencer who you're speaking to, but it has to be the right fit for their readers/listeners/viewers/followers too. 


Your brand is your biggest asset. Love it, nurture it, celebrate it, share it.


And if it's not conveying what it needs to, or you're not attracting the type of clients or customers you want to help, then don't be afraid to ask for help. You haven't failed, if anything, you've learned something super critical that you're willing to change.


Let's not forget that Snickers used to be called Marathon, Starburst used to be called Opal Fruits and Cif used to be called Jif.


If major household brands can tweak their business to meet the needs of their ideal clients and customers then you can too.


I'm incredibly lucky to have some awesome branding experts in my network, so if you want to reach out and connect with them then drop me an email and I'll do that for you.


In the meantime, I'd love to hear what your brand stands for and how you currently communicate that to your ideal clients and customers. My inbox is always open This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :-)


Or, if you already have you brand sewn up and want to elevate your business to the next level, but have no idea where to start or what to do when it comes to getting in the media, then book a free 30min PR Pow-Wow with me and we'll look at how to perfectly position you in the press.



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