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You’ve been told that you need to be more visible, but don’t really know what that means or where to turn to the get the answers you desire, to be able to take action and get sh*t done.

Well, my darling, this is where this guide comes in.

Not only am I sharing a list of the 15 hottest media outlets to pitch to in 2021, but I’m also giving you vital information on:


  • The topics that they cover
  • The stories, ideas and angles that they’re looking to feature
  • How they like to be pitched
  • When they want to be pitched to
  • Who you need to pitch to

It’s a comprehensive guide that gives you access to all the info you need to make an impact AND get your story, product or service featured.

It exists to stop you from fannying around, get sh*t done, and get into the inbox of some of the hottest media outlets to pitch to
right now.

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