PR Case Study



Alison Moore at BeMoore


Area of Expertise:


Psychotherapist specialising in self-esteem


Aim of PR Campaign:


To raise her profile, position her as the expert and educate more people on the power of psychotherapy

The Brief:


As a psychotherapist, Ali was very aware of the transformational change that psychotherapy provides.

As someone who had worked with a psychotherapist previously, it was something that piqued her interest and she wanted to explore further, recognising how much of an impact our thoughts, beliefs and conditioning have on our behaviour and how and why we make decisions.

She knew that being featured in the press would raise the profile of psychotherapy as a practice, but also help break down some of the barriers that people experience when coming up against roadblocks in their lives.

Why PR with Perkes:


Ali had worked with a PR before working with me, but felt disappointed by the lack of response from the press. This isn’t an uncommon complaint and one I hear fairly often.

It’s important for me to build trust with my clients. She could see the results that I’d achieved for other clients and knew that I wouldn’t promise anything that I couldn’t deliver.  


The PR Campaign: 6-months


The PR Campaign started with a Delve Deeper Day that allowed me to really get under the skin of Ali, the work that she does and the clients she works with. This helped me to put a plan together that would position her in the media outlets consumed by her ideal clients.

Her ideal clients are mainly women, 35+ who feel like something is holding them back in life, but they can’t quite put their finger on what it is.

With this in mind, the media outreach list focussed heavily on the women’s magazines: women’s monthlies, women’s weeklies and also the supplements that come with the weekend newspapers.

The result:

During the 6-month PR Campaign Ali was featured in 13 key media outlets, including:

MSN.com - expert comment on toxic friendships
Sheerluxe.com - how to make friends as an adult
The Sunday Edit - How to overcome decision fatigue
Natural Health magazine - How friends can benefit our health
Health & Wellbeing - How to cope when you make a mistake
Take a Break - Gaslighting
Woman’s Own - How to eave away your worries
YOU magazine (The Mail on Sunday) - The Kate Middleton effect - the mental health effect of copying your idols
Daily Express - mindfulness tips to Spring clean your health
Daily Express online - mindfulness tips to Spring clean your health
Daily Mirror - mindfulness tips to Spring clean your health
Daily Mail - expert opinion on mindfulness app
Mail Online - expert opinion on mindfulness app

If we look at the circulation figures of each publication, then Ali’s expertise was positioned in front of a whopping 52,742,831 people.

And that’s just the circulation figure. Readership of magazines is averaged out at 3x the circulation, which would make this figure a hell of a lot higher.