The ‘Eight Moves to Media Magic’ PR strategy is at the heart of everything I do...


It’s a winning PR strategy, a recipe to success and a process that has never failed me.


Every PR campaign has to start with a conversation and to get the rubber on the road it’s vital that we establish a CONNECTION. To each other, to your business, your passion and your purpose.

Once we have clarity on what the PR campaign needs to achieve the next big step is campaign CREATION. This is like the holy grail of how it will be executed. It will detail who I’ll be pitching ideas to, ambassadors who can drive the PR campaign forward and like-minded businesses to collaborate with because together we’re stronger.

CONCOCTING key messages is the back-bone of any campaign. It’s where the news hook is created, the key differentiators that set you apart from your competitors and the impact it will have on your ideal customers.

Each PR campaign created is bespoke to you, therefore the publications and influencers will differ from one brand to the next. CONJURING up a press list and press pack will arm us with the ammunition needed to stand-out from the crowd and grab the attention of the press.

CONTACTING the press is where the magic happens. It’s where I’m in my element and really championing your product to get you the press coverage that you deserve. It can be a review, a tried and tested piece, expert opinion or a wider feature on the impact that you’re making in the industry, to your customers and to the world.

Once the magic has been created, relationships with journalists and influencers have been built and your product has been tried and tested this is when you’ll start to see the campaign COME TO LIFE as coverage will start to appear.

To maximise all opportunities created it’s important for you to understand the power of CONTINUUM. Once a piece of coverage has appeared in the press that’s not the end, in fact it’s just the beginning. How you work that coverage to work for you is essential, so I’ll share my tops tips on how best to heighten awareness and start other conversations.

At the end of a PR campaign it’s important to look back at who has been contacted, the ambassadors I’ve reached out to, the brands we can collaborate with and the coverage that has been secured and has appeared. So, in CONCLUSION you’ll receive a document highlighting this information so that we can gauge the success of the PR campaign.

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