Event PR - Take your business to new heights with my 6-week event elevator programme

You’ve got a new product to launch, a book signing, a celebratory event or a seasonal hook that isn’t going to communicate itself. You can just about pull the event together but are hitting a brick wall when it comes to getting bums on seats.

Thankfully help is at hand with my six-week event PR programme. I’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt, so luckily I know how to pull my finger out and get a wriggle on when it’s needed the most.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that it’s virtually pointless to invite a journalist to an event with more than three weeks’ notice. They forget that they’ve RSVP’d, they double book and then don’t show up. The less time they have to figure out their diary the better and let’s face it, no-one wants to suffer with FOMO by being the only one to miss out on a party.


So what do I need to do?



Act fast for the best results...


When it comes to event PR, you need to work for this programme to work. You need to be committed to acting fast with a tight turnaround time. You can’t faff about the event, the contents and what people may write about it afterwards. You have to be ready to go and go NOW!

Not sure if it’s even achievable? Then let’s book a call ASAP to ascertain if the opportunity really is as hot as you’re anticipating, then I can put pedal to the metal and support you along the way to make this six-week programme and your opportunity a shimmering success.

Praise for Perkes


  • When I approached Laura to help me gain some more coverage for my children’s books she pulled it out of the bag! First we had a very relaxed zoom call where we discussed the best avenues to go down, when I say we I mean Laura! Straight away she knew the best people to contact. In one week I had reviews from all different Mummy bloggers that had road tested my books on their children who then recommended and added me to their Christmas Gift Guide on their website.


    Jenny Ford


  • I’ve worked with Laura previously and was really impressed with the results she achieved. We initially worked on a project basis but I was so pleased with her work that I quickly invested in a monthly retainer. Laura really understood my business needs and created a PR campaign that ticked all the right boxes, knowing which titles to target to reach our ideal customer. She helped to raise the profile of the brand which led to more people attending classes and more fitness professionals wanting to become BalletBeFit instructors.


    Rachel Withers


  • When Fitness Hub and Crossfit Beowulf was launched we needed to engage an agency that could cope with a laege part of the communications mix; marketing, PR and social media. We were impressed with Laura’s experience and attitude and knew that she was the woman for the job! She’s creative, imaginative, takes action and will always lend support in other areas if it enhances the growth strategy of the business.


    Tim Lloyd

    Fitness Hub
    & CrossFit Beowulf



We can hit the ground running and ensure that this ‘too good to turn down’ opportunity is analysed, actioned and achieved.

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