Deepen your relationship with the journalists and influencers with the power to propel your brand to incredible new heights. Not just once, but time and time again.

Become a PR dah-ling and take pride of place on speed dial, ensuring that you're called upon when the press need YOUR expertise to send their front-page news or feature idea to print.

Using the 3Cs; CONNECTION, COMMUNICATION and COLLABORATION you will become a magnet to the media, pulling them in with your wit and wisdom to WOW their readers.

People need to know, like and LOVE you before buying into you or from you. There's no greater boost to business than a journalist or influencer shouting about your brand to millions of their fans and followers who in turn become fans and followers and customers of YOURS.

So, if you're ready to step up and step out as the game changer that you are then dive feet first into this 6-month programme and become a powerful magnet to the media.


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The Power of Connection


The power of connection is strong and mighty and we’re stronger together. Collaboration is key and can be hugely beneficial for both parties, not only from a PR perspective but across social media and other communication channels too. The right collaboration can sky rocket your brand to an audience that’s aligned with your brand and your values and help you make a massive impact on the world.

Building relationships takes time and cannot be rushed. This programme is all about laying solid foundations so anything we build is solid, dependable and impactful. We don’t want to secure just one piece of coverage in a magazine, we want to become the go-to expert so that the publication keeps coming back to you for top tips and comments in other features.

We don’t want to work with other brands purely to boost your profile for a short period of time, we want to ingratiate ourselves into their brand so that they’re really getting bang for their buck. We’re in it for the long term and want to continually bring ideas to the table to further deepen the working relationship and create cracking campaigns going forward.

Using my ‘8 Moves to Media Magic’ signature system I will create a PR campaign that’s bespoke to you that will fulfil your quest for superstardom. During the six-month programme you will receive a well thought out done-for-you PR campaign that will enable you to focus on doing what you do best.

Praise for Perkes


  • When I approached Laura to help me gain some more coverage for my children’s books she pulled it out of the bag! First we had a very relaxed zoom call where we discussed the best avenues to go down, when I say we I mean Laura! Straight away she knew the best people to contact. In one week I had reviews from all different Mummy bloggers that had road tested my books on their children who then recommended and added me to their Christmas Gift Guide on their website.


    Jenny Ford


  • I’ve worked with Laura previously and was really impressed with the results she achieved. We initially worked on a project basis but I was so pleased with her work that I quickly invested in a monthly retainer. Laura really understood my business needs and created a PR campaign that ticked all the right boxes, knowing which titles to target to reach our ideal customer. She helped to raise the profile of the brand which led to more people attending classes and more fitness professionals wanting to become BalletBeFit instructors.


    Rachel Withers


  • When Fitness Hub and Crossfit Beowulf was launched we needed to engage an agency that could cope with a laege part of the communications mix; marketing, PR and social media. We were impressed with Laura’s experience and attitude and knew that she was the woman for the job! She’s creative, imaginative, takes action and will always lend support in other areas if it enhances the growth strategy of the business.


    Tim Lloyd

    Fitness Hub
    & CrossFit Beowulf



Next Steps



Next Steps


If this sounds like the package for you then let’s have a conversation to ensure we connect to each other and are aligned in our values and ethos. As soon as this is established then I’d love to invite you along to a VIP day where we can dive deeper and I can learn everything I need to know about you, your business, your avatar and what has/hasn’t worked in the past.

We’ll get clarity on your offering and your message and I’ll be able to tell you how best to communicate with your avatar, creating punchy press nuggets that will get you and your brand noticed by the right people who will make an impact on your business.

Once a bespoke PR campaign has been created you can rest assured that your brand is in safe hands and I’ll be doing all that I can to shine a light on your best side and elevate you higher, to become the go-to person in your industry and ensure that your product flies off the shelves.

Securing press coverage is the icing on the cake, the connection and collaborations we establish along the way are the cherry on top with extra sprinkles.

I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and present you in the best light, so if you’re ready to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight then let’s not beat around the bush and get started today.



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