Mastering Media Momentum
PR Mentoring Course



Mastering Media Momentum is a 90-day PR programme that allows me to work with you on a deeper level, to teach you the 7-step formula I’ve been using to get my VIP clients in the media for the past 16years.

It’s delivered online via Zoom and is a fun and interactive way to teach you the tricks of the trade, support, guide and empower you to get in the media, fully armed with everything you need to achieve the results you desire.


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Mastering Media Momentum
PR Coaching Programme


What to Expect


Mastering Media Momentum literally brings learning to life, safe in the knowledge that you have me walking by your side every step of the way, not only to teach, but to inspire you to increase your exposure and elevate your business to the next level.

All of our sessions will be delivered face-to-face, over Zoom and will be recorded so that you have lifetime access to them. You will also get direct access to me via What’s App or Facebook messenger for advice, extra tips and techniques throughout the programme, as well as ‘Dutch courage’ calls when the fear monster raises its ugly head.



What’s Included


The 90-day Mastering Media Momentum PR programme includes:

Day 1-30: We will start with a VIP Day so that we can lay the foundations for a solid PR campaign.  We’ll start by doing some ideal client inner work to truly understand everything about them and how you help them.

We’ll also focus on you and your business, how you’ve got to where you are today and what you want the present and future to look like.

Then we’ll look at getting crystal clear on your key messages and create the news hooks to use when pitching to the press.

After the VIP Day we will start to create your PR Campaign. This will also include research into any awareness days that we may be able to use to leverage your PR opportunities.

Day 31-60: This is where we’ll focus a lot on research; researching the media outlets to pitch to, looking at the content they’re already featuring and who is writing these pieces. This will help us to create a target media list.

Then we’ll look at any trends or gaps in the market to help us focus on our pitch.

The next phase will be all about your press release; why you need one, the information it needs to include and the format you should follow. You will write a press release and I’ll give you feedback on any tweaks or amends needed.

Day 61-90: This is where we create your PR pitch and start pitching to the press, using all of the information we’ve gathered over the previous 60 days. During the following 30-days you’ll be bringing your PR campaign to life and touching base with me when additional support is needed or questions need answering.

You’ll even receive additional ideas on how to really master media momentum to ensure you’re keeping your visibility and exposure high, long after our 90-days together.

Once the 90-days is over, if you’d like ongoing PR support from me then we can discuss how that will look and the cost involved.






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The Mastering Media Momentum PR Mentoring Programme is right for your business if:


  • You find learning more fun under the tutelage of someone with more experience than you

  • You feel that working alongside me will give you additional accountability to get stuff done

  • Knowing that you have direct access to me makes you feel more confident when It comes to getting in the media

  • You’ve invested in online courses before but you either lost interest or motivation halfway through because you miss human interaction

  • You’ve tried to get in the media before with little success and know you’d benefit from 121 tuition and mentoring

  • You prefer to work under the guidance of someone with strong credentials who knows what they’re doing

  • You’re ready to invest in elevating your brand to the next level by getting in the media, to increase your exposure and land dream clients, with support and encouragement from me every step of the way



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