Pitch Bitch

6 month bespoke PR campaign
Create, implemented & managed entirely by us
Your brand at the forefront of everything that we do




You are a total rockstar!

You’ve already got a successful, established business.


You’ve already had some success with being featured in the press, but you want more.


  • More opportunities
  • More features
  • More consistency
  • To become more irresistible to your ideal clients and customers


You're ready to do whatever it takes to reach the next level in your business, whether that’s hitting 6-figures, multi-6 figures or even 7-figures.

You’re a disruptor

And a disruptor needs to be represented by a team who can handle disruption, who can support that disruption and cultivate it to create a positive impact and leave behind a legacy that will live on, for generations to come.

You already know:

  • That you've got a strong message that you want to share with the world
  • That you can help your clients to solve their biggest problems and provide them with life-changing transformation
  • That you’ve got the receipts (results) to prove that you walk the walk


You're ready to hit the accelerator on reaching next-level you


You just need to find the right agency that shares your vision and knows how to lead you to the opportunities that are going to make maximum impact and feed into your big vision.

You’re used to investing in your business and the thought of being strategically placed in the press excites you. You can see the bigger picture and you like what’s staring back at you. Now, you just need to pull the trigger and make it happen.


You need Pitch Bitch!



So, what's Pitch Bitch all about?


Pitch Bitch is a high touch, exclusive, six month experience that will strategically place you in the publications and media outlets with the power to elevate your authority and create notoriety.

Your bespoke PR campaign is created, managed and implemented by myself and the team of industry specialists. We work hard to get you seen in the right places. We know how to accelerate your growth, your credibility and your influence. We’ve never failed yet!

We know what you need to get you where you want to go. We have a wealth of knowledge, a little black book bursting with contacts, and the balls to kick down doors that currently stand in your way.

Who is Pitch Bitch for?:


  • Extremely driven disruptors who won’t stop until they’ve got what they want
  • Business owners who are well on their way to becoming a 6-figure earner, OR are looking to scale from 6-figures to multi-6/7-figures
  • Those who already have some PR experience under their belt, so understand the process and the importance of a strategy
  • Ambitious entrepreneurs with a big vision, who get excited at the prospect of impacting more people on a global scale
  • Those who are used to investing in themselves and their business, to be able to scale in a sustainable way.

Who it’s not for:


  • Those who think that PR is the magic silver bullet that will increase sales immediately
  • Those who are impatient and want results yesterday
  • Those who aren’t willing or prepared to hand over the reputation to a team that’s more experienced and knowledgeable than them
  • Micro-managers who think that they know everything, who will stunt the performance of their PR campaign
  • A Facebook community for accountability, support and all the fun stuff from being in a group with like-minded badasses
  • Those who aren’t used to investing 5-figures in their business, to accelerate them to the next level

What to expect:


  • A full service PR experience that will see you getting in the press, without having to break a sweat (or a well manicured nail)
  • Ideas and news hooks created and pitched on your behalf, to the publications that are going to accelerate you to new heights and get you in front of millions of potential     new clients
  • Being featured regularly in the titles that are going to keep you in the limelight and as the authority in your industry
  • The notoriety that comes with profile raising publicity activities

What’s included:


  • Pitch Bitch starts with a luxurious VIP Day that enables us to Delve Deeper and get under the skin of you, your business and your big vision
  • Ideas and news hooks created and pitched on your behalf every single month
  • A dedicated media relations team that’s focussed entirely on strategically positioning you in the publications with the power to catapult your credibility and put you firmly on the map
  • The opportunity for us to secure speaking gigs on your behalf
  • The opportunity to work with influencers and third party endorsers that will feed into your big vision and mission


So what are the next steps? 



Next Steps...



If you’re ready to scale your business to new heights, attract a much bigger, often global audience, and build a tribe of raving fans who find you irresistible then... Pitch Bitch is for you!

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