Empower your business with a 60 Media Minutes call!

A 60min Zoom call that will give me the chance to find out all about your business, to help you pull out the parts that are newsworthy and those that aren’t so much.

Not every business has the secret recipe to secure consumer coverage, but often has the ingredients to make an impact in specialist industry publications, you just need to work out the quantities that will get the best results.

Whichever route we go down, whether it’s consumer-facing PR or industry specific (or a bit of both) you need to know what will really pack a punch and that’s how I can help you.

At the end of the PR Pow-Wow you’ll know for sure if you’re product/service is something to shout about, of if it needs a little bit more work to create something newsworthy and headline grabbing.


So what happens during the call?



In your 60min call, we will...


Once we’ve established a news hook we can look at the approach you need to take to take your product and propel it into the spotlight so that your profile, presence AND profits are boosted.

Then we can discuss what your next move needs to be, whether it’s a DIY ‘PR Tricks of the Trade’ call, taking you from invisible to visible in 90 days through the power of PR, or mastering media momentum in six months using the power of connection and collaboration. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today and let’s get started!

Praise for Perkes


  • When I approached Laura to help me gain some more coverage for my children’s books she pulled it out of the bag! First we had a very relaxed zoom call where we discussed the best avenues to go down, when I say we I mean Laura! Straight away she knew the best people to contact. In one week I had reviews from all different Mummy bloggers that had road tested my books on their children who then recommended and added me to their Christmas Gift Guide on their website.


    Jenny Ford


  • I’ve worked with Laura previously and was really impressed with the results she achieved. We initially worked on a project basis but I was so pleased with her work that I quickly invested in a monthly retainer. Laura really understood my business needs and created a PR campaign that ticked all the right boxes, knowing which titles to target to reach our ideal customer. She helped to raise the profile of the brand which led to more people attending classes and more fitness professionals wanting to become BalletBeFit instructors.


    Rachel Withers


  • When Fitness Hub and Crossfit Beowulf was launched we needed to engage an agency that could cope with a laege part of the communications mix; marketing, PR and social media. We were impressed with Laura’s experience and attitude and knew that she was the woman for the job! She’s creative, imaginative, takes action and will always lend support in other areas if it enhances the growth strategy of the business.


    Tim Lloyd

    Fitness Hub
    & CrossFit Beowulf



PR Pow-Wow is the perfect choice for any brand that needs expert eyes from the outside looking in to ensure that there really is a PR gem hidden in the rough.

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