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Getting in the Media


YOU Magazine: Duchess of Cambridge Issue

Circulation: 954,497


Ali Moore, Psychotherapist and author of ‘Reconnect Your Life’ provided expert comment to explain ‘the Kate effect’ from a psychotherapist’s viewpoint.

“…..is straight out of a storybook, a narrative that may women were exposed to from a young age. The Duchess is living many women’s dream, and because she came from a ‘normal’ background, that makes her very relatable, which further fuels her appeal.”




Take A Break

Circulation: 432,683


Ali Moore, psychotherapist and author of ‘Reconnect Your Life’ provided expert comment that featured throughout a feature on Gaslighting.

“Gaslighters will confuse you in an attempt to gain control. They want you to doubt yourself and your identity. Be clear about what you’ve noticed but avoid arguments – you can’t negotiate with a gaslighter. Simply state your case and think about actions you want to take.”




Natural Health

Circulation: 40,000


Ali Moore, psychotherapist and author o ‘Reconnect Your Life’ provided expert comment In a feature on ‘The Power of Friendship’.

“Making and maintaining friendships is crucial to our wellbeing. Every time a new friendship is created, your sense of worth and self-esteem get a boost, releasing feel-good chemicals, such a serotonin and dopamine.”



Health & Wellbeing

Circulation: 40,000


Ali Moore, psychotherapist and author of ‘Reconnect Your Life’ provided expert comment for a feature that explored being able to cope with making a mistake.

“When we make a mistake, we feel like we’re not worthy and that people will think badly of us. That then escalates into worrying that we might not be accepted. It all comes down to not wanting to be shunned from a group.”



S Magazine
Circulation: 255,087


Eco-friendly toothbrush, Reswirl, was included in a beauty feature that focussed on ‘Pampering that won’t harm the planet.’

Beauty Editor, Laura Mulley said:

“Manual toothbrushes and electric heads are also mostly unable to be recycled. Start-up company, Reswirl has an innovative solution – a plastic toothbrush that can be sent back, melted down and remoulded and a new one sent out to you every three months.’




Your Herts & Beds Wedding

Circulation: 4,000


Classical Pilates studio, The Pilates Pod in Hitchin was featured in their Brides Bulletin, giving brides ideas on how to shape up for their big day.

“Using the equipment adds a different dimension to your workout and gives you the extra edge. It’s an extremely graceful way of getting fit so as well as building a stronger, fitter body it also strengthens and lengthens your limbs to create a sleek and sexy silhouette.”

Mums Off Duty – blog


Natalie is the talent behind the Mums Off Duty blog and loved her experience of The Pilates Pod, reviewing one of their Classical Pilates classes on her blog.


Natalie said “It was a tough workout but I can see how regular use of this equipment will really build your whole body strength. The thing with apparatus is, you can’t cheat. You have to do the exercise properly, otherwise it won’t work. You really have to engage that core, keep your shoulder blades down and together, dig deep into those muscles, and breathe!”




Circulation: 200,907


The Osteo Anisha foam roller was included in a round-up of the best foam rollers for post-workout muscle recovery.


The Osteo Anisha foam roller was chose as ‘the best for style’
“If you’re on the hunt for a foam roller that will look pretty around at home, look no further. The Osteo Anisha Foam Roller is stylishly designed so won’t look out of place wherever it’s left laying. Every purchase also comes with a free six-minute foam rolling routine in case you get lost for new moves.”



Mirror online

Circulation: 8,699,185


When the Mirror.co.uk were writing a feature on how you can make hundreds of pounds from Spring cleaning your home, the contacted the experts at specialist memorabilia auction house, Excalibur Auctions to find out what to look out for.



Epic Heroes


When Excalibur Auctions needed to promote an upcoming memorabilia auction featuring some incredible Star Wars items, who were they gonna call? Epic Heroes!


In this feature, hero items that were going under the gavel at their next auction were included, along with estimated sale prices and examples of previous sales records achieved.



Yahoo! Style
Circulation: 282,268

Is it damaging t men’s mental health to be told to ‘man up’?

This was a question that mindset coach, Dave Cottrell from Mindset by Dave helped to answer.


“I wouldn't say these phrases are NEVER appropriate, but they certainly aren't something you want to say to anyone with which you don't have that kind of relationship. Therefore, the use of them in headlines, news stories or even social media posts from someone with whom you don't have a friendly relationship will almost certainly be triggering.”




Circulation: 73,199


When it comes to offering tips on how to improve your mental health, Dave Cottrell, mindset coach from Mindset by Dave was the perfect person to share his wisdom and insights.

“We all have failings in life, but there’s a huge difference between saying ‘I failed at this’ and ‘I’m a failure’. Try to avoid placing labels on yourself if they encourage you to feel bad about yourself. We don’t really have motivation; we have momentum – and momentum can work both ways.”