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There’s no denying that I absolutely LOVE my job and want to share my gift and zone of genius with the brands that are ready to step up and boldly embrace the next level in their business.

I’m a 3 in numerology and the word that best describes the number 3 is COMMUNICATOR. The L in Laura is also a 3. I’m in a personal year 3 in a universal year 3. So not only have I been born to communicate, but this is definitely my year to make a big impact.

This is your year to make an impact too.



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You may not be ready to commit to outsourcing your PR yet, which is why I’ve created The Ultimate PR Scoop, to help you learn from my 8 proven PR hacks that will help you to increase your profile and presence in the press to create more profit.

It’s a win-win all round, I still get to share my gift and my passion for PR and you get to learn how to become your own PR powerhouse with minimum investment.

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