World Domination Day is a VIP Day like never before...


It will be delivered at a gorgeous, high vibe venue to get you in the mood to create some epic work. Unless of course you're based outside of the UK, in which case it'll have to be delivered online, coz you know, Covid!!


The focus will be entirely on you and your business for the duration of the day. No distractions, no social media, pure 'head down ass up' kinda concentration!


This isn't the day for you to half-arse it, it's the day for you to show up, step into your power and plan your world domination.


By the end of the day you're going to be so fired up for the next 90 days that you may even start to take action on getting visible AF before your last sip of Champagne has been swallowed (because every VIP day deserves Champagne, darling!)


Are you ready to unleash your inner awesome?


  Is a World Domination Day Right For My Business?




World Domination Day is the next step for you if....

  • You have awesome ideas but can be a bit slack when it comes to creating a strategy
  • You're already in plenty of Facebook Groups but you're not leveraging the opportunity to position yourself as an expert
  • You'd LOVE to be a guest on podcasts, but you're currently 'waiting to be invited'
  • You DREAM about speaking on stage but convince yourself that you don't deserve it....there are so many better experts, right?
  • You're beside yourself with EXCITEMENT at the thought of being featured in your fave mag, but you don't know how to pitch, what to pitch, or who to pitch to


Can you resonate with any of that?

If so, it's time to step up, get visible AF and start working on world domination.








 What to Expect





What to expect:


During our VIP day together I'll be lighting the torch paper so that you get all fired up for maximising ALL the opportunities during the next 90 days.


This isn't for the faint of heart, or those who like to fanny around.


This is a roll up your sleeves, get down and dirty kinda day so that you really can hit the accelerator and get visible AF.


At the end of your VIP day you'll be walking away with a 90-day visibility plan that includes exactly what you're going to do to get visible AF.


This will include:


  • How to leverage the FB groups that you're in by booking guest speaking slots/interviews

  • Podcasts that you can be interviewed on

  • Events that you can approach to be booked as a guest speaker

  • Publicity that can be secured online/offline

And yes, you'll start to take action on the day kiss


I'll even throw in a FREE PR Power Hour within two weeks of your World Domination Day to keep you on track. 







Then what are you waiting for? 2021 is just around the corner. Are you going to step up and get visible AF, or let your competitors scoop up all the awesome opportunities and leave you with the scraps?

The investment for World Domination Day is £2,000 and can be paid in full or in two instalments.



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